waste steel wire nail making machine
nail length:15-75 mm
nail diameter:1-3.8 mm
speed:320 pcs/min
power:3 kw
weight:1.8 tons
FOB price:USD 2500 -5000
The waste steel wire nail making machine is high profit nail making machine using waste steel wire to make nails.

high profit waste steel wire nail making machine Z94-3A

To make new nails,beside the new steel wire,you can also use waste steel wire to make nails.In this way,compared with the new steel wire nail making machine,the profit is about 2 times higher than using new steel wire,in general the waste steel wire price is about half of new steel wire.

Where to get the waste steel wire?

there are a lot of ways to get waste steel wire,you can get a lot from a waste market,usually it comes from the old buildings,from prefabricated slab etc.

The process to make nails through waste steel wire:

1,straighten the waste steel wire through a wire straighten machine.
2,weld them together using butt welding machine.
3,draw the welded steel wire to wire reel.
4,feed the drawed steel wire to nail making machine.
6,polishing the nails using the polishing drum.

The pictures of the application site:

waste steel wire nail making machine

waste steel nail making machine

nail making line

Here is a video shows how to do it:

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