Spare parts for nail making machine

1,Spare parts for nail making machine:

  • Nail Knife:Price:USD 10/pcs.In general,one pairs can be used for about 15 days of full day work.

nail knives

Diamond head nail knife:

nail mould

  • Pin punch:Price:USD 10/pcs.Can be used for about 2 month per piece

pin punch

     Nail mould:Price:USD10/pcs.Can be used for 2-3 months per pairs.

nail champ die

nail cutter

nail spare parts

  • Wire reel:function is to hold the wire ,feed the wire to the nail making machine to make can turns automatically and very simple structure.Price:USD 100/pcs.

wire reel


2,Spare parts for wire drawing machine:

drawing machine dies:there is a hole in the dies ,they are of different diameter such as 5.8mm,5.0mm,3.5mm,2.2mm etc,and after come through it,the diameter of the outlet wire will become same as the diameter of the,s the principle of drawing.

Price:USD 10/pcs.

wire drawing machien dies

3:Spare parts for nail grinding machine:

This grinding wheel is for the nail grinder,we will send 2 pcs for free and it can be used for half a year.

Price:USD 10/PCS.

nail grinder wheel

4,Diamond head nail knife grinding wheel

grinding wheel for nail knife sharpening


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