1-6 inch automatic concrete nail making machine
nail length:1-4 inch
nail diameter:1-5 mm
motor power:4 kw
Concrete nail making machine lines,steel nail making machine,annealing and quenching.

Concrete nails (steel nails) is one kind of nails made of carbon steel ,in gerneal 45# or 60# steel wire.It has the characteristics of high hardness,thick and short,good penetration and stave ability.It belongs to special nails,and its function is to nail on hard goods that wire nails can not nail on.

For concrete nails,it should have the ability to penetrate different kinds of concrete plates,briks and 3-4 mm steel plates without bending.The requirements of its hardness is HRC50-52.

The technical process to make concrete nails is :

Wire drawing—low temperature annealing –nails making—quenching—galvanzation—packaging.

The concrete nails making machine and wire nail making machine is same machine,but the difference is the heat treatment equipment and galvanize equipment.

Here are some picture of the nail making and heat treatment equipments (high frequency induction heater).

For heat treatment,you can also use the annealing furnance.

concrete nail making machinery

quenching equipment

nails galvanization equipment

Finished concrete nail pictures:

concrete nails

See concrete nails galvanization equipment videos:

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