Chain Link Fencing Machine

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Chain Link Fencing Machine

Wire Diameter: 1.0mm-5.0 mm

Size of Mesh: 10mm-150mm

Max Width: 3000/4000mm

Capacity: 80-120m²/h

Motor: 11 kw

Machine Size: 5.5m x 3.3m x 2.0m

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What is chain link fencing machine?

chain link fence machine

The chain link fencing machine, or diamond mesh machine, is an automatic machine that uses low-carbon steel wire or PVC-coated steel wire to form chain link fences. Stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, aluminum alloy wire, etc. can also be used. The automatic chain link fencing machine adopts an electromechanical design and uses a PLC control system to automatically complete the wire feeding, cutting, weaving, edge locking, and rolling processes, achieving automated, high-efficiency and high-quality production of chain link fence.

The uniwin brand chain link fence machine can be divided into two types: single wire and double wire chain link fence machines, depending on the number of wires woven simultaneously.

The single wire chain link fence machine uses single wire feeding method to form chain link fence, which helps reduce the complexity and cost of the machine.

The double wire chain link fence machine feeds two wires to produce a more robust and durable chain link fence with high-power dual servo motors.

Moreover, the chain link fence produced by uniwin machines has the characteristics of uniform mesh, flat mesh surface, simple weaving, beautiful and practical, adjustable mesh width, adjustable wire diameter, not easy to corrode and long service life.

Chain link fence machine parameter

1Wire Diameter1.0mm-5.0 mm
2Size of Mesh10mm-150mm
3Max Mesh Width3000/4000mm
6Motor11 kw
7Machine Size5.5m x 3.3m x 2.0m
8Weight3 T

Features of chain link fence making machine

Here are the primary features of a chain link fencing machine:

  1. The machine provides an automatic weaving function to improve productivity and minimize manual labor.
  2. The operator can adjust the production speed and mesh size as needed by control system.
  3. The machine is equipped with safety protection devices, emergency stop devices and other functions to ensure the operator’s safety.
  4. Can handle various wires, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and PVC-coated wires.
  5. To ensure smooth operation and reduce wear, the machine has an integrated lubrication system
  6. The machine can produce fences of different heights to meet different requirements.
  7. Water tank and water pump are used for cooling purposes.

Single wire chain link fencing machine vs. double wire chain link fencing machine

The main differences between single wire chain link fencing machine and double wire chain link fencing machine are:

  1. Number of Mold. The single wire chain link fence machine only has one forming mold. The double wire chain link fence machine uses two molds simultaneously.
  2. Production speed. Because a double wire chain link fence machine weaves two wires simultaneously, it can produce faster than a single wire chain link fence machine for a given fence height.
  3. Wire requirements. The tension and elasticity of wires used in double wire chain link fence machines must be consistent. The single wire chain link fence machine basically has no requirements for the wire.
  4. Cost. The double wire chain link fence machine is more expensive than the single wire chain link fence machine due to its increased complexity and faster production rates.

Finished products

chain link fence

Application of chain link fence

Chain link fence is widely used in raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, zoo fences, machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrails, sports fences, road green belt protection nets, etc. It can also be used in handicraft manufacturing and conveyor networks for machinery and equipment. It is also a good material for flood control and flood resistance. After being made into box-like containers and filled with rocks, it can protect and support seawalls, hillsides, bridges, reservoirs and other civil engineering projects.

chain link fence applicatins

Chain link fencing machine price

The chain link fencing machine price is about USD 10000-13000. The price of a chain link fencing machine for sale varies based on its type, features, and brand. Contact us directly for the best chain link fence machine price based on your specific requirements is always a good idea.

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