Concrete nails quantity per kilo

Concrete nails, also called Masonry nails, are hardened steel nails used to connect wood components to masonry. They are resistant to bending and cracking, and offer exceptional fixing strength. Concrete nails come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including smooth shank, fluted shank, screw shank, etc.

Concrete Steel Nails

They are commonly used in construction for attaching wood to concrete or masonry surfaces.

Concrete nails quantity per kilo:

Below are the quantity-weight table to show concrete nails quantity per kilo in different sizes:

Nail Head
Quantity per kg
0.5 inch16mm1.7mm3mm2750
0.8 inch20mm2mm4mm1875
1 inch25mm2.4mm4.3mm1000
1.2 inch30mm2.8mm5mm725
1.5 inch40mm3mm5.9mm400
2 inch50mm3.4mm6.5mm260
2.5 inch60mm3.6mm7.6mm182
3 inch80mm4.5mm8.9mm95
4 inch100mm4.7mm9.5mm68
4.5 inch130mm5.2mm10.2mm45
5 inch150mm5.2mm10.2mm38
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