Nail Making Machine Price

nail making machine price

The nail making machine price can vary depending on various factors such as the type of machine, its production capacity, quality, and brand. There are several nail making machine types, including Uniwin brand Z94-C series nail making machineEnkotec brand high speed rotary type nail making machine, and Zeus brand nail making machine 700 pcs/min. Our Z94-C series nail making machine is widely used and sold in many countries like the USA, Turkey, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, etc.

The Uniwin brand Z94 -C series nail making machine price in different countries is the same, ranging from USD 2,000 to 7,000 per set, and the second hand nail making machine price is about half that of a new automatic nail making machine due to its condition and quality, ranging from USD 1,000-4,000/set. And Alibaba nail making machine price is basically USD 3,000-8,000/set. Enkotec high speed nail making machine can produce 2,500 nails per minute, and the Enkotec nail machine price is about USD 150,000-200,000/set. 

In this section, the nail making machine price in different countries is shown below for you to learn more about the machine price, nail market, and the specific steps of importing nail making machines in different countries.

nail making machine types

High Speed Nail Making Machine

Z94-C Series Nail Making Machine

Rotary High Speed Nail Machine

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  • We started nail making machine manufacturing in 1993, with around 30 years of experience in this industry.
  • With about 100 workers and 30 office staff, we have six big workshops for customers to learn skills and manufacture different series of machines. All machine parts are manufactured by ourselves, enabling us to control our quality strictly.
  • Through continuous technological upgrading, the performance and quality of our products come up to the first-class in the world. With good quality, price, and after-sales service, we have established good relationships with clients in more than 50 countries, such as America, Australia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Congo, Tanzania, etc.
  • Professional sales department to offer professional solutions for all kinds of nail making, experienced after-sales engineer available to service overseas, free training for all customers, fast spare parts supply guarantee for the machines, and turn-key project offered.

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