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4J, 10J, 10F, 4K, N, P, 80, and 92 refer to different pneumatic staples commonly used in various industries, including furniture manufacturing, upholstery, and construction. Each series has specific characteristics and applications:
4J, 10J, 10F Series Staples: These are often used in furniture manufacturing, especially for attaching fabrics or leather to sofas, chairs, and other upholstered items.
4K, N, P Series Staples: These could be specialized for different applications, including construction and cabinetry.
80 Series Staples: This series is typically used in packaging, like sealing cardboard boxes and furniture for attaching fabrics or leathers.
92 Series Staples: These staples are likely used in applications requiring medium to heavy-duty fastening, such as building construction or heavy upholstery.
Each series of pneumatic staples is designed for specific applications with various sizes. You could contact our professional technology personnel for detailed specifications and the exact uses of each series and then get the suitable staple machine at a competitive price.

K staples

K Series Staple

4J staples

4J Series Staple

P staples

P Series Staple

F staples

F Series Staple

N staple

N Series Staple

ST Series Staple

10J staples

10J Series Staple

80 staples

80 Series Staple

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