Cutting system of the automatic nail making machinery

The cutting system is mainly consist of two nail knifes,of which has a alloy head to cut the steel wire bar into small nails of different nail length.

Cutting system lies in the inside of left and right side shafts of the nail making machine, symmetrical. The one side of connecting rod604 is linked with side cam shaft, the other side of which is connected with scissors slider603. Because of the effect of partiality, the spinning of side cam shaft drives scissors slider moves around to achieve cutting nails.

Spinning screw605 can adjust the longitudinal position of scissors seat608, consequently adjust that of the pointing knife.

Spinning screw606 can adjust up and down position of modulation 607, Consequently adjust the that of the pointing knife.

Spinning screw602 can adjust wedge609 to achieve the regulation of the length pointing knife601.

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