Difference of Z94-4A and Z94-4C series wire nail making machine

The difference of z94-4a and z94-4c type automatic wire nail making machines

The characters of z94-4a:
1.this is the traditional type nail making machines,is the first generation nail machines.
2.high noise,should lubricate the machine by adding lubricatuon oil manually.about 2-3 times per day.
3.it can use both waste steel and new steel wire to make nails.

The characters of new generation z94-4c series nail making machines:
1.much lower noise compared with z94-4a.
2.there is a oil box installed on the machine,and then it can lubricate the machine automatically.
3.it use the new roll bearing structure,so it use less power to operate.

While the price of z94-4c is only usd 300-500 higher than that of z94-4a type,so many clients choose to buy the new generation automatic nail making machine.


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