Main applications and features of A series nail making equipments

1. Main applications
Z94-100A wire nail making machine is mainly used for making round nails with diameter 2.8-4.5mm, length 50-100mm. .With slightly refitting the wire strengthening system and punching system of the machine, we can make other specific steel nails, such as coil roofing nails, roofing nails, etc.

2. Features

  • elegant appearance,Reasonable structure, Stable performance, Security and reliability, Durability in use, Easy maintenance, High efficiency.
  • The main parts like all the shafts, cams and gears are made of quality steels.
  • The feeding system is installed with control handles, which makes it easier to feed wires or stop feeding wires at any time during machine running.
  • An friction device is assembled between crank shafts and flywheels to provide protection when a machine break down or overload.
  • Full automation. Once launched, it can make nails continuously.
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