Advanced Features of Coil Nail Making Machine

What is coil nail making machine?

automatic coil nail making machine

The coil nail making machine is a specialized type of machinery used in producing coil nails, which are nails arranged in a coil for use in nail guns. This coil nail machine can make various coil nails, such as jumbo, conical, and big cap clout coil nails. These machines are designed to produce large quantities of nails efficiently and are commonly used in construction and carpentry industries. Now, we have greatly advanced features of coil nail making machines, which can make the coil nail production line more reliable and stable. These features will be explained in detail below.

Advanced features of coil nail making machine

  1. WiFi Connectivity and Remote Monitoring: The capabilities allow for remote operation and monitoring of the machine, enabling quick adjustments and troubleshooting, which enhances overall efficiency and reduces downtime.free wifi function
  2. Customize Jumbo Coil Nail Capability: The machine can produce larger jumbo coil nails, 1500 to 3000 nails per roll, catering to specific industrial applications and adding to its versatility.customize jumbo coil nails
  3. Double System of Rubber-Binding: When one side of the band runs out, it is automatically replenished on the other side, helping reduce operational downtime and producing more reliable and durable coil nails.double rubber binding system
    Note: An operator is needed to put rubber bands on the device.
  4. Servo Motor for Pulling Nails: Integrating a servo motor for pulling nails and adopting servo control for nail settings significantly enhances coil nail making machines’ precision and reliability. Initially, the process involved counting a set number of nails, stopping, and cutting, which could lead to inaccuracies and potentially damage nails due to reaction time delays. With servo control, the machine is programmed to turn to a specified count and then execute the cut-off.servo motor pulling nails

            There are two significant improvements:

  • Each roll of nails is counted with high precision, and the number is always consistent, keeping the production process stable and reliable.
  • The cutting action does not damage the nails, thus increasing the stability and reliability of machine operation.
  1. Multiple Choices for Feeding Nails:
    • Vibrating Bucket + Loading Trolley: This combination allows for efficient and continuous feeding of nails into the machine. The vibrating bucket evenly distributes nails to prevent jams, while the loading trolley facilitates easy replenishment of nail supplies without interrupting production.vibrating bucket and loading trolly
    • Truss Sucker: The device uses magnetism to transport nails into a vibrating plate, reducing labor costs and improving efficiency.
    • Magnetic Nail Transferring Conveyor: This device is suitable for use with coil nail making machines and high speed thread rolling machines with 2400 to 2800 nails per minute, ensuring the continuity of the coil nail production line.magnetic nail transfering conveyor
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