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Nail Diameter: 1.8-4.5mm
Max Nail Length: 100mm
Speed: Max 3000 pcs/min
Product description: The coil nail welding machine, designed for coil nails from 25-130 mm, it can weld ring shank, screw shank or smooth coil nails.

Product Details

High Speed Automatic Coil Nail Making Machine/Coil Nail Collating Machine

coil nail making machine with automatic rubber banding system
The automatic high speed coil nail making machine is used for efficiently making coil nails. There are two types of coil nail machines: JD-100 coil nail making machine and AJD-100 automatic rubber banding coil nail making machine. The more popular ones are automatic rubber band wrapping coil nail making machine, used with thread rolling machine.

As one of the most famous nail machine manufacturers, we can say without humility that our quality is excellent and has been well received by customers from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, Poland, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, etc.

Automatic coil nail making machine specification

Max Nail Length100mm
Max Speed3000
Minimum Power20kw
Working Consumption5kw
Machine Weight1300kg

Equipment Speed: Max speed 3000 pcs/min. The larger the nails, the slower, and the smaller the nails, the faster.
Model Description: JD-100 is the most commonly used model and can make nails less than 100mm in length. Other models include JD-130 for 130mm nail length.
Warranty: One year for the whole machine and two years for the welding machine (Generally, the manufacturer’s warranty period is only half a year).

Working Process of Coil Nail Making Machine

The nails are fed to the vibration plate through the feeding device (vibrating bucket + loading trolley/truss sucker/magnetic nail transferring conveyor). Through vibrating, the loose nails enter the nail holder wheel in an orderly through the guide rail and are welded with the two copper-coated welding wires into a row of nails. Then, the counting mechanism automatically rolls nails into a coil. When the set number of nails per roll is reached, the machine automatically cuts it off. Finally, The operator fixes the finished product with a rubber band and then packs it into a carton.

Fully Automatic Nail Collating Coil Nail Making Machine Video

Features of Automatic Coil Nail Welding Machine

  1. Mature products and reasonable working structure. The system automatically detects the lack of materials, nails missing, counting, cutting, and other processes, and displays the fault location on the touch screen. The entire system has stable quality and is durable and reliable.
  2. The machine control core adopts Japan’s Omron programmable controller and Taiwan’s Wei Luntong touch display. The equipment adopts international first-line brands, such as Japan’s TOCOS long-life potentiometer, South Korea’s Otanix sensor, Taiwan’s OPG small motor reducer, Xinling relay, isolation voltage regulator, effectively ensuring coil nail machines quality and long-term trouble-free operation.Touch Screen
  3. The equipment is equipped with an adjustable 20000-40000 Hz welding power source. Due to high-frequency welding, each nail has at least ten complete welding waveforms, ensuring welding quality and reducing external adjustment requirements. At the same time, the new nanomagnetic amorphous welding transformer is smaller in size, has less heat loss, and can save more than 30% of welding power under the same working conditions.
  4. The guide rail adopts a thickened stainless steel and enlarged elbow structure to reduce the jamming phenomenon of feeding nails and is more sturdy and durable. The lifting structure of guide rails can facilitate stuck nail removal.
  5. Welding speed: 3000 pcs/min. The welding speed completely exceeds the nail feeding speed, and there will be no leakage or virtual welding at the high speed of old welding machines.welding machine

Coil Nails Production Line 

6.5 Steel Wire Rods- Wire Drawing by Wire Drawing Machine- Nail Making by Machine for Making Nails– Nail Shanks Thread Rolling by Thread Rolling Machine- Nail Welding by Coil Nail Collator Machine- Coil Nails Packing in Cartons.

Industrial Coil Nail Making Machine Price Factory

The coil nail making machine price is USD 12000-20000. Our nail manufacturing machines accept customization, and the price will change according to the customer’s requirements. Please send us an inquiry to get the specific price.

Finished Coil Nails

Coil Nails

Coil Nails

Coil Nail Collator Coil Nail Machine and Copper Coated Welding Wire Loading Pictures

coil nail making machine and copper coated welding wire delivery

Company Introduction:

Uniwin Machinery, established in 1988, is located in Zhengzhou City, China. After over 30 years of development, UNIWIN has become a famous nail making machine manufacturer with mature technology and excellent after-sales service.

Our main products are Automatic Nail Making Machine, Wire Drawing Machine, High Speed Nail Making Machine, Coil Nail Collating Machine, Nail Thread Rolling Machine, Roofing Nail Making Machine, U Nail Making Machine, Duplex Nail Making Machine, Nail Packing Machine, Chain Link Fence Making machine, Barbed Wire Making Machine, Staple Pin Making Machine, Brad Nail Making Machine, Copper Coated Coil Nail Welding Wire, Assembly Machine for Collated Screws, Wire Drawing Powder, etc. And High Quality Machine Spare Parts: Wire Drawing Mould, Nail Mould, Nail Cutter, Nail Punch Bar, etc. Quality and Service are our priorities. We have exported to more than 60 countries all over the world, including the USA, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Poland, etc. We sincerely wish to establish good cooperation with you and look forward to our win-win cooperation.

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