Failures and Solution of Coil Nail Machine

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The coil nail making machine is an efficient automated device that welds nails to welding wires sequentially and makes them into coils. It is suitable for producing various types of coil nails, including ring shank coil nails, screw shank coil nails, and smooth shank coil nails. These coil nails are widely used in construction, woodworking, and furniture manufacturing. Especially when used with a coil nail gun, it greatly reduces manual operation time and costs, improving construction safety and efficiency.

Failures and Solution of Coil Nail Machine

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During long-term operation, various failures may occur in the coil nail making machine. Understanding common failures and their troubleshooting methods is essential to ensure the normal operation of the coil nail machine and extend its life. The following are some common failures of nail coiling machines and their troubleshooting methods:

Fail to start the machine under normal jog

  • Check the touch screen log bar for fault prompts and solve them according to the prompts.
  • Is the emergency stop pressed? If it is pressed, please pop it up.

       Note: When there are too many logs, you can restart the device to check

Fail to cut off the coil nails

  • The cutter cuts on the nail, moving the cutter left and right to ensure that it cuts between two nails.
  • The direction of the cutter is consistent with the direction of the coil nail.

Nail stuck in guide rail outlet

  • The nail specifications must be uniform, and there must be no curved nails or nails of different sizes.
  • The size of the nail-bearing wheel matches the nail, and the standard is that the nail is just put into the wheel without popping out.
  • The magnet is placed in the middle of the guide rail gap, and the magnet frame cannot be higher than the nail-bearing wheel groove.
  • The gap between the nail-bearing wheel and the guide rail is between 0.5mm and 1mm.
  • The nail tip is too large in diameter, causing the nail to be stuck, which is generally caused by the old thread rolling machine mold damage.
  • The entire guide rail outlet angle should be the same as the nail wheel groove angle (adjusted at the factory).

       Note: You can slow down the device and carefully observe which part is causing the jam, and then solve it accordingly.

I hope this information is helpful, and if you have any further questions about coil nail making machines, feel free to ask!

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