Is it a good business to make nails

Is it a good business to make nails?

To some extent,to justify whether a business is good or not,we can measure by the profit it can bring and the market of the end product.Concerning nail making business,because there is always new construction and new buildings,so there is always a big demand of the nails.especially in developing countries such as kenya,ghana,south africa,tanzania,rwanda,nigeria,algeria etc.Many of our clients want to start the nail business because they see the large market in their country.

As for the profit,because the price of nais is always USD 100 or more higher per ton than that of steel wire,so there is no need to worry about the profit,also in China,you can find good price and good suppler of Q195,Q235 steel wire for nails.

On the other hand,if there is a lot of waste steel wire of diameter smaller than 8 mm,then you can use our waste steel wire nail making machine to make the nails,then the profit is much higher than using new steel wire.

Pls see the feasibility report of the nail making project at :https://www.nailmakingmachine.net/

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