Nairobi branch to be established

Nairobi branch to be established

With the development of our business in Africa,we are having more and more clients,in order to service our clients well,to respond more quickly to maintain the machines when there is problem of the nail making machines,wire drawing machines ,nail polishing machines etc occures,also it will be convenient for new clients to see,inspect the quality of our machines.

A trip to China will cost about USD 2000-3000 at least,so if clients can see and check the machines in Nairobi,then it can save a lot of money,about half price of the machines.

On the other hand,clients can also learn the skills there,we will assign skilled engineers to train new clients.

Now we are looking for the right place for the branch of zhengzhou uniwin machines co.,ltd and the estimated open time is May,2014.

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