Is it essential to buy all machines in the nail making line

Nail making business in suitable for small invest,you can start this business both in cities and in country side.

There are some ways to lower down the investment,for example,to establish the nail making factory in a village or country side,then the factory rent fees will be much lower and also the labor is cheaper ,on the other hand,if the money to start nail making is not very enough,then you can also choose to buy some machines in the nail making line ,when make money from this business,then expand the output and add the other machines.

The basic equipment required for making wire nails is:wire nal making machine,wire nail polishing machine.ie,you can ignore the wire drawing machine in the begining.to slove the matter of getting different diameter steel wires,you can try to look for smaller diameter steel wire supplier,then order the steel wire of the diameter you need.

If only buy the nail making machines,the initial invest will be about 40% lower compared with the whole line.

Also ,we are professional nail making machine manufactures and we can customize the machines depending on your requirements,for more questions,pls feel free to contact us.

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