TOP 10 chinese nail making machine manufacturers rankings

The following are top chinese nail making equipment factories with long history and well known brand.some of them don,t export directly ,so many trading companies buy from them directly then export.

The rankings are:

1,Changge hongyuan jixie chang
Established at 1987 and have about 50 workers.good quality,while at same time higher price.the nail making machine market share in China is about 30%.if you want very good quality,then you can choose this one.

2,zhejiang longting co.,ltd
longting is a well known brand in south China,price is little cheaper than hongyuan brand.

3,gongyi huihong jixie chang
A brand in henan province,while price is much lower than other factories because they strive for low price,so if you are going to buy an very cheap nail making machine then you can choose this one,but not recommended.

4,zhengzhou uniwin machines co,ltd
Meduim size factories of nails,have 30 employees,price is at middle rate ,while put much emphsis on quality and after sales service.

5,wuxi pulisi zhidingji chang
nail making factories in south China.

6,zhengzhou blackstone machinery co.,ltd

7,shijiazhuang hengxing machines co.,ltd

8,shijiazhuang puhuasheng co.,ltd

9,changge sss hardware nail machines co.,ltd

10,gongyi city fuwei machinery co.,ltd

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