Kenya nail making machine clients visiting

October is a good month,we sold totally 6 nail making machine lines this month,4 domestic buyers and 2 foreign buyers.

Kenya customer visiting

During this month,after we finish the production of the whole line,our Kenya client Mr Elijah comes to learn and inspect the quality of the machines.

First,he learned how to drawing the Q195 steel wire to smaller diameter,he learned how to sharpen the steel wire head,how to discharge the drawed steel wire off the wire drawing machine and also skills to make good nails such as how to make nail head round,how to make the nail point symmetrical etc.

At same time,we arranged the shipment of the delivery,during his stay,we do the packaging using poly wood case to pretect the safty of the machines on sea.

Also,we invite Mr. Elijah to some beautiful sceneries near our city,to visit and see the old chinese cultures,we have a pleasant cooperation.

Now they have started the production and they are going to expand the capacity about 6 months later…

The following is some pictures of the delivery and packaging of the nail making machine line…

Horizontal Wire Drawing Machine
wire drawing machine
Z94 nail making machinees

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