Profit Analysis of Nail Making Business

It is important to make a profit anslysis beore investing into a new business.so the following is a nail business profit report for your reference.

Cost-Profit analysis of nail making project(one set z94 nail  making machine)
Material Consumption 20 Tons 530 10600
Electricity Consumption 1500 0.15 225
Taxes & management fees 30
Loss of steel wire 20kg/ton 0.53 10.6
Salary of workers 2 300 600
Total Costs 11465.6
Total Sales 20 Tons 750 15000
Total Profit 3534.4

Form the profit analysis report we can see that,on the basis of having one set Z94-4A(C) wire nail making machine, you can have profit of $3434.4 per month,so you can get the cost back within 3 months.If the nail market is very good,then more output,there will be more profit.

Many of our clients have expanded after about half year or one year,it turns it is really a good business in developing countries especially in Africa such as Kenya,Ghana,South Africa,Congo,Nigeria etc.

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