Technical article about different kind screw nails making

This article shows the kind raw material,the equipments needed for (black/silver/gold) screw making etc.

There are many kind of screws,to make common screws,it is the simplest.a cold heading machine and threading rolling machine is ok,then you can make the common wood screws.please see the picture of this kind screw:

screw nails

If you want to make the following kind of screws:

Drilling screw

Then besides the cold heading machine and thread rolling machine,you also need to add the screw pointer gripper machine,one gripper machine speed is 4 times of the cold heading machine,so usually one line to make this kind screw nails is usually :1 set gripper machine,4 sets cold heading machine,3 sets threading rolling machines.this can achieve the biggest output and most profit.

Also if you want to make the screw to be black,silver or gold color,then galvanization line is needed.The difference is the solution of this line.by choosing different of the chemicals,the screws can turn to different colors.

Concerning for the raw materials,for common wood screws,the material is 08AL,and for black drywall screws ,the materials is C1022,it also needs heat treatment equipments to make it hard enough.

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