U nails Quantity Per Kilo

U nails, also known as U-shaped nails or fencing staples, are fasteners that have two-pronged shanks and a U-shaped head design.

U shape nails

The nail shanks of U nails are available in smooth and barbed types for different requirements, with barbed U nails designed for greater staying power during use.

U nails are commonly used for attaching mesh fences or barbed wire to wooden posts and frames, hence the name fencing staples. They are available in different sizes and types to suit various requirements.

U nails Quantity Per Kilo

Below are the quantity-weight table of U nails in different sizes:

SizeLengthDiameterQuantity per Kg
0.6 Inch19 mm2 mm1000 pcs
1 Inch25 mm2.2 mm680 pcs
1.2 Inch27 mm3 mm380 pcs
1.5 Inch37 mm4.4 mm120 pcs
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