Coil Nail Making Machine Spare Parts

High-Quality Coil Nail Making Machine Spare Parts

automatic coil nail making machine

High-quality coil nail making machine spare parts are crucial for the efficient and reliable operation of your nail manufacturing equipment. These parts typically include the counting wheel, counter, vibration spring plate, transformer, welding machine, welding wheel, nail holder wheel, relay, sensor, etc. Each part plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the coil nail machine.

Free Provided Coil Nail Making Machine Parts and Accessories with Your Order

coil nail making machine spare parts

We have two types of coil nail making machines: JD-100 coil nail making machine and AJD-100 coil nail making machine with automatic rubber banding system. Generally speaking, we will provide some spare parts for a nail coiling machine for free if you purchase it. As follows:

Vibration spring plate  2 pieces
Counting Wheel   1 piece
Welding Wheel   2 pieces
Nail Pulling Gear Wheel  1 set
Round Belt  2 meters
Nail Counter 1 piece
Magnet  6 pieces
Sensor  2 pieces
Relay  1 piece

Note: These accessories typically guarantee a service life of at least half a year.

Vibration Spring Plate

The spring plate is used in the vibration-feeding mechanism of the nail coiling machine to arrange and feed nails into the welding area by vibration, ensuring a consistent production process.

Nail Counting Wheel + Nail Counter

nail counter

The counting wheel and nail counter are the vital components for accurately counting the number of nails in a coil produced, ensuring a consistent number of nails in each coil.  The nail counter receives input from the counting wheel and records the number of nails processed based on the mechanical counting of the counting wheel.

Welding Wheel  

A coil nail machine requires two welding wheels that can conduct electricity, and the grooves on the welding wheels can guide the welding wire, which helps the welding machine weld the nails into coils.

Nail Pulling Gear Wheel

The nail pulling gear wheel is specifically designed to feed nails into the mechanism that forms them into a coil. It works with other machine components, such as the round belt and the motor, to ensure smooth operation. Irregularities in feeding can lead to poorly formed coils.

Round Belt 

The round belt is used to connect the nail pulling gear wheel and the motor, and guide the gear to feed the nails through the work of the motor.


The magnet embedded in the vibration plate uses its magnetic field to attract and hold nails, reducing nail jams in the feeding mechanism and the wear on other mechanical components of the machine, such as the feeding tracks and the nail holder wheel. Depending on the strength and configuration of the magnet, it can be effective for various sizes and types of nails.


Sensors are typically used for monitoring various aspects of the machine’s operation, providing feedback to the PLC control system to make real-time adjustments to the machine’s operation, ensuring consistent quality and reducing the likelihood of errors or defects.


The relay acts as an electrically operated switch, which controls a higher power circuit with a lower power signal or manages multiple circuits with one simple switch. Relay can turn off the machine or specific parts of it in case of a malfunction detected by sensors.

Industrial Fully Automatic Coil Nail Making Machine Spare Parts Price List-Uniwin Machine Supplier

When sourcing these parts, it’s essential to consider their compatibility with your specific machine model and to choose high-quality spare parts that can withstand the rigors of nail manufacturing. Our salespeople have professional knowledge, can perfectly answer your doubts, and provide constructive suggestions to ensure you can buy high-quality accessories at the most competitive price.

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For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, you can directly send us an inquiry to get a quotation for the specific spare parts you need. We offer customizable sizes for these parts, catering to various specifications and machine models.

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