Conical Coil Nails vs Flat Coil Nails

There are two types of coil nails:

  • Conical coil nails: Known as roofing nails, used in building series and wooden houses.
  • Common Flat coil nails: Used in the pallet and packaging industry.

There is what we call the flat type and I don’t mean a flat head for a individual nail, all the individual nails they all have a flat nail head, But when they’re coiled together, they are totally flat on the top or domed or conical shape.

conical coil nails

flat coil nails

As you can see from the outer to the inner they’re domed.

And you think “well still a coil nail” but what it is, the wire that holds them together are in a different position.

And if you put the domed coil nails in the flat or the flat in the domed coil nailer, you will get jamming problems.

And it’s a difficulty in feeding because when the nails are in the gun, There’s a feed pull that pulls the nails across like a claw, And if the wire’s in the wrong position then you’re going to get all sorts of problems

You can see where that wire is nearer the top of the nail on the flat as opposed to the domed ones, And that is what causes the problems.

So always look out for that, flat and domed, correct nails, correct gun.

The coil nail making machine to make these 2 types also different. The type to make conical type needs more advanced coiling system with servo motor.

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