Coil nail production line

What is the coil nail production line?

The coil nail production line refers to the process of manufacturing coil nails using a range of different machines, including wire drawing machine, nail making machine, nail polishing machine, thread rolling machine and coil nail making machine. Coil nail is arranged in a circle connected together by a copper-coated iron wire. There are four main shapes, including small, big, jumbo and conical coil nail. The main types of coil nails are smooth shank coil nail, ring shank coil nail and screw shank coil nail. It is placed in a nail gun to punch into wood or pallet, and is often used in furniture assembling, timber frame construction, wire reel making and wood pallet, crate and packing.

coil nail

What are the machines of the coil nail production line?

There are mainly five machines in manufacturing the coil nail, including wire drawing machine, nail making machine, nail polishing machine, thread rolling machine and coil nail making machine. The wire drawing machine reduces the diameter of steel wire to the desired size. The nail making machine cuts the wire into lengths, makes the nail head, and sharpens the point. The nail polishing machine makes nails smooth and bright. The thread rolling machine forms different types of nails. The coil nail making machine uses the copper coated welding wire to weld the threaded nails and rolls them in a coil.

How to manufacture coil nails?

The coil nail production process can be divided into six steps:

coil nail production line

  • Wire Drawing. The production process begins with wire drawing. The 6.5mm steel wire is drawn by the wire drawing machine to small diameter wire rod like 2.8mm, 3.1mm, 3.4mm, 3.7mm, 4.1mm and 4.5 mm so that they can be feed into the nail making machines. By changing different drawing dies, you can get any diameter you need for making nails. And using the drawing powder can reduce the friction between the steel wire and the drawing die and prolong the service life of the drawing die.
  • Nail Making. The drawn wire is then fed into the nail making machine, which cuts the wire into the desired lengths, forms the nail head by using the pin punch, and sharpens the nail tip with the nail cutter. The different nail length is determined by the length delivered by the nail box. The nail making machine runs at a high speed and can produce a large amount of nails in a short time. Those quick-wear parts, such as nail cutter, nail die and pin punch, need to be replaced in time to ensure the production of high-quality nails.
  • Nail Polishing. Following the nail making process, the semi-finished nails go through a polishing stage. The nail polishing machine is to polish the nails with saw dust, engine oil, paraffin or other materials to remove any burrs or imperfections on the nails. Saw dust removes any sharp edges, engine oil is used to brighten wire nails and give a shiny surface, and paraffin increases the rust resistance of wire nails. Therefore, the finished wire nails are bright and have a very smooth surface.
  • Thread Rolling. After polishing, the wire nails are threaded by the thread rolling machine, which is used to make screw shank, ring shank and spiral shank nails by adopting a cold working technology. The thread rolling machine is equipped with a vibration plate. Wire nails are placed in the vibration plate and then automatically ordered in a roll. Finally, wire nails go through different thread rolling molds to form different screws. Notably, the process does not wear out the wires. If making smooth shank coil nails, there is no step of thread rolling.  thread rolling machine
  • Coil Nail Making. The threaded nails are then formed the coil nail by the coil nail making machine. The working principle of the coil nail making machine includes five parts. Firstly, put the threaded nails in the vibrating plate, then the messy nails will be arranged in order by the vibrating plate. Secondly, the nails drop to the welding wheel through guide and are welded by the copper coated welding wire into the wire row nails. Thirdly, the wire row nails automatically pass the oil box and counting device and roll in coil. Fourthly, the machine will cut automatically after the nail quantity reaches the set nail quantity. Finally, the operator adds the rubber band to the finished coil nails. Coil nails are advantageous for many applications because they can be easily and quickly loaded into nail guns or other automated t.coil nail making machine
  • Quality Control and Packaging. The final step in the process is quality control and packaging. The finished coil nails are inspected to ensure they meet all quality standards. The quality inspection can be done manually or with automated machinery. Once the coil nails pass the quality inspection, they are packaged in cartons. Every carton can contain twenty coil nails.

It’s worth noting that the precise details of this process may vary depending on the specific equipment, quality standards, and exact types of coiled nails they produce.

The Quick-Wear Parts in the Production of Coil Nail

To produce high-quality coil nails, it is important to regularly maintain and inspect all parts of the coil nail production line, especially those quick-wear parts. Timely detection and resolution of wear pieces also minimize downtime and keep production lines running smoothly. The following are the most common wearing parts on the coil nail production line:

  1. Wire drawing die.The wire drawing die reduce the steel wire to the desired diameter in wire drawing process. And the die can wear out in the wire drawing machine over time due to the continuous friction with the metal wire.
  2. Nail cutter.The nail cutter is used to cut the cold drawn wire to wire nails in nail making stage. Due to the continuous cutting process in the nail making machine, the knives become dull and require replacement to maintain the quality of the cut.
  3. Nail mold.Also, the nail mold is designed to grip the drawn wire when punching and can wear out because of the constant operation of nail making machine and requires periodic replacement.
  4. PinPunch. The pin punch forms the nail head in the nail making machine. The constant impact can cause it to wear out or break, so the punch bar requires prompt replacement.

Quick-Wear Parts List of Wire Drawing Machine

No.ItemLife TimeMaterial/Model
1Wire drawing die15-20 tonsTungsten carbide

Quick-Wear Parts List of Nail Making Machine

No.ItemLife TimeMaterial/Model
1Nail cutter1-2 MonthsAlloy/steel
2Nail mould3 MonthsTungsten carbide/HSS
3Pin punch6 MonthsTungsten carbide/HSS

Quick-Wear Parts List of Thread Rolling Machine

No.ItemLife TimeMaterial/ Model
1Thread Rolling Die6 MonthsAlloy/Cold mould steel
2Magnetic plate6 MonthsMoulds steel
3Nails push plate6 MonthsMoulds steel
4Sensor12 MonthsM18,NPN
5Relay12 MonthsDC24,10A
6Spring12 MonthsSpring steel
Remarks:Item 2,3,4,5,6, each 2 pcs comes with machines for free.

Quick-Wear Parts List of Coil Nail Making Machine

No.ItemLife TimeMaterial/Model
1Nail Holder/Main Disc Wheel12 MonthsStainless Steel
2Welding Wheel6 MonthsChromium Copper
3Magnetic Shaft12 Months#45 Steel, Strong Magnet
4Spring Plate 10*45*40012 Months or longerSpring Steel

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