Automatic Nail Weighing Packing Machine

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Power: 220V 50Hz
Gas Consumption: 0.8MPa 300L/min
Speed: 2-10 cartons/min
Storage Hopper Capacity: 350L
Machine Size: 6500*5400*3600mm

Product Details

Fully automatic nail weighing packing machine

automatic nail weighing and packing machine

The automatic nail weighing packing machine is an advanced industrial equipment specially designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the nail packaging to carton process. The packing process is typically controlled by the control panel, allowing easy adjustments and control of the whole packaging process. This machine is widely used in the nail manufacturing industry, helping to automate the process of weighing, packaging, and sealing nails into cartons, effectively saving labor costs and maximizing benefits.

Compared with the common nail weighing packing machine, this type of nail packing machine is equipped with an auto carton sealing device, with no need for manual sealing.

Automatic nail weighing packing machine parameter

Power220V 50Hz
Gas Consumption0.8MPa 300L/min
Speed2-10 cartons/min
Weighing RangeBased on Electronic Scale
Storage Hopper Capacity350L
Feeding MethodMagnetic Feeding
Feeding Height3600mm
Machine Size6500*5400*3600mm

Automatic nail weighing and packing machine technical specification

Vibrating storage silo + automatic magnetic feeding machine + single bucket electronic scale + nails cartoning mechanism + magnetic machine for organizing nails + checkweighing scale + vibrating plate for nail supplement + carton sealing machineAutomatic nail weighing and packing machine technical specification

  1. Vibrating storage silo: Manually pour nails into the silo and automatically complete vibrating feeding.
  2. Magnetic feeding machine: This machine fills nails into a single bucket electronic scale to meet the weighing requirements.
  3. Electronic scale: The electronic scale is fed by a horizontal conveyor belt. The conveyor belt has three-speed controls: the first speed is fast feeding, the second speed is medium speed feeding, the third speed is slow feeding, and finally, stop feeding when it is close to the target weight, thus ensuring feeding accuracy.
  4. Magnetic machine for organizing nails: Adjust the distance according to nail length. Let the nails fall, and they will be automatically organized and put into the carton, then the carton will be pushed out by the air cylinder.
  5. Nail replenishing mechanism: It can automatically detect whether the weight of the carton is enough, and if it is not enough, it will automatically replenish the weight by the vibrating plate.
  6. Carton sealing machine: Automatically fold the carton lid and seal it with tape.

 Operation of automatic nails weighing packing machine

Manually put the carton on the conveyor belt, and when detected, the air cylinder will push the carton to the designated position and position it. Then, the electronic scale will automatically open the bucket to unload the weighed nails. The magnetic machine for organizing nails starts to power on and organizes the weighed nails automatically, then automatically lifts and lowers the nails into the carton. After putting nails in, the carton will be automatically transferred, and the weight will be checked by scale. If the weight is qualified, it will be sealed at the next station. If the weight is not qualified, the weight will be replenished. Finally, the carton sealing machine detects the carton coming and starts working to seal it.

Finished packing nails

packing nails in carton

Automatic nail weighing packing machine price

The automatic nail weighing packing machine price is USD 30000-50000. Contact us and request a quotation based on your specific requirements to get accurate pricing information.

Company Introduction:

Uniwin Machinery, established in 1988, is located in Zhengzhou City, China. After over 30 years of development, UNIWIN has become a famous nail making machine manufacturer with mature technology and excellent after-sales service.

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