Nail Making Machine Spare Parts

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Nail Mould
Nail Cutter
Punch Bar
Wire Stand
Product description: Nail Making Machine Spare Parts, Nail Mould, Nail Cutter, Pin Punch, wire drawing dies

Product Details

Nail Making Machine Spare Parts


1, Nail Mould

Nail Mould

The function of the nail mould is to grip the steel wire when the pin punch punch the wire to form the nail head.

2, Nail Cutter

Nail Cutter

The function of the nail cutter is to cut the wire into nail points.

3, Pin Punch

Punch Bar

The function of the pin punch is to punch the nail head.

4, Wire Drawing Dies

Wire Drawing Dies

Wire drawing dies is used in wire drawing machines, there are different size of the wire drawing dies, for example 5.8mm, 5.0mm,4.5mm, 3.0mm etc, you can get different wire diameter by using the right size of the wire drawing dies.

5, Nail Mould for Roofing Nails Making Machine

Nail Mould for Roofing Nail Making Machines

Used for roofing nails making.

6, PCD Wire Drawing Dies

PCD Drawing Dies

PCD dies are made by diamond material which can draw around 300 tons steel wire, which is widely used for binding wire making , galvanized wire drawing, annealing wire drawing.

This is how the spare parts are mounted in the wire nail making machine:

nail die, nail cutter and punch bar

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