Screw nail production line

What is the screw nail production line?

The screw nail production line refers to the process of using different machines to manufacture screw nails according to the production sequence. Screw nails includes wood screws, drywall screws .etc, with a pointed tip and a large pitch. And they have both good holding force and easy drive capability. Screw nails are used in all aspects of our lives, ranging from airplanes, high-speed rail, ships to mobile phones, watches, glasses, etc. And screw nails play an important role in our life and economic development, so how are screw nails produced?

screw nails

What are the machines in the production of screw nails?

The production of screw nails involves several machines, including the wire drawing machine, the automatic cold heading machine, the automatic thread rolling machine, the nail polishing machine, the belt type furnace and the galvanization equipment, each designed to perform specific tasks during the manufacturing process. These machines are often connected together on a production line for efficient, continuous production. And two of these machines are detailed below:

  1. Automatic cold heading machine. This machine is a high-efficiency automatic equipment for producing screws and bolts. The upsetting and forging station is horizontal. The cold-drawn round bar is processed into the round head, half round head, hexagon head screws and bolts without stopping by using cold setting and becomes semi-finished screws and bolts.    automatic cold heading machine
  2. Automatic thread rolling machine. This machine is suitable for thread processing of screws, bolts and various fasteners. The feeding mechanism is continuous rolling or vibration feeding, and the feeding mechanism can be customized.automatic thread rolling machine

How to manufacture screw nails?

Manufacturing screw nails requires the use of several specialized machines. The whole production line involves seven stages, including wire drawing, screw nail making thread rolling, nail polishing, heat treatment, galvanization and packaging. And the following is a detailed introduction to the manufacturing process of screws:

  1. Wire drawing.

The first step in screw nail production line is wire drawing. The steel wire is drawn by the wire drawing machine through a series of drawing dies to reduce to the required diameter.steel wires

  1. Screw nail making.

The drawn wire is then fed into the automatic cold heading machine. The machine cuts the drawn wire to the required length and forms nail heads. In cold heading processing, the number of fixed and stamping dies is different. Some complex screw nails may require multiple punches to be formed together, which requires multi-station equipment to create the screw nails. semi-finished screw nails

  1. Thread rolling.

After the cold heading process, the automatic thread rolling machine forms nail thread and points to finally become screw nails. Threads are rolled onto the semi-finished nail shank through the mutual extrusion of two thread rolling dies. And the nail tip is tapered to a point. screw nails

  1. Nail polishing.

Next, the finished screw nails are put into the nail polishing machine, which is to polish nails with saw dust, engine oil, paraffin or other materials to remove any burrs or imperfections on the nails.

  1. Heat treatment.

After polishing, screw nails undergo a heat treatment within belt type furnace to further harden and strengthen them. This process usually involves heating the nails to a moderately high temperature and then rapidly cooling them. The heat treatment equipment ensures this process is carried out accurately and consistently.

  1. Galvanization.

Following the heat treatment, screw nails need to be galvanized by the galvanization equipment for enhanced corrosion resistance and ease of driving. And this equipment uses electro-galvanizing technology to apply a thin layer of zinc on the screw nails to enhance their corrosion resistance and increase their lifetime.galvanization equipment

zinc ingots

  1. Packaging.

Finally, screw nails are packaged in different cartons according to different sizes and weights of screw nails to ensure they are adequately stored and protected during transport to a construction site or retail store.

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