Clout Nail Making Machine

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Model: Z94-4C
Motor: 4kw
Speed: 220psc/min
Nail Length: 30-100mm
Nail Diameter: 2.5-4.5mm
Machine Weight: 1850kg
Machine Size: 2350*1480*1400

Product Details

What is clout nail making machine?

big cap clout nail making machine

The clout nail making machine is widely used in the construction industry for manufacturing clout nails used in roofing applications. The nail mold of the big cap clout nail machine is made of alloy, which is harder than that of other nail making machines. The clout nail making machine is designed to automate the process of manufacturing clout nails, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Big cap clout nail making machine parameters

4Nail Length30-100mm
5Nail Diameter2.5-4.5mm
6Machine Weight1850kg
7Machine Size2350*1480*1400

What are clout nails?

clout nails

Clout nails, also known as roofing nails or felt nails, are primarily used for attaching sheet materials, such as roofing felt or shingles, to wooden frames or surfaces. Clout nails are characterized by their relatively short length, thick shank, and large, flat head and are often galvanized with a protective coating to resist corrosion. They are designed to provide strong holding power. The nail shape causes the wood fibers to push downward and wedge against the nails, making them difficult to pull out and increasing their holding strength.

Clout nails you often used

Nail diameter ranges from 2.95mm to 3.05mm.

Nail length is generally 30mm.

Application of clout nails

clout nail applications

Clout nails have a wide range of applications in construction and woodworking projects. They are commonly used in roofing to secure roofing felt, shingles, and other roofing materials to wooden surfaces. Clout nails are also suitable for the application of thin siding and paneling, providing a secure attachment. In addition, they are used in box and crate construction, furniture repair, cabinet work, batten doors, and countertops. Clout nails are versatile and reliable fasteners for various woodworking applications, providing strong and durable joints.

Clout roofing nail machine packaging & shipping

clout nail making machine packaging and shipping

Clout nail making machine price

Clout nail making machine price is USD 5000-8000/set. You can contact us to learn the machine more to see if it meets your production requirements. What I want to say is that our machine will never live up to your expectations, as a nail machine manufacturer with more than 30 years of production experience.

Company Introduction:

Uniwin Machinery, established in 1988, is located in Zhengzhou City, China. After over 30 years of development, UNIWIN has become a famous nail making machine manufacturer with mature technology and excellent after-sales service.

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