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The diesel generator, also known as a diesel genset, combines a diesel engine and an electric generator (alternator) to generate electrical energy. Uniwin brand diesel generator is reliable and efficient power sources that use diesel fuel to generate electricity, suitable for applications with different needs.

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What is diesel generator?

diesel generator for sale

The diesel generator, also known as a diesel genset, combines a diesel engine and an electric generator (alternator) that work together to generate electrical energy. It is a specific engine generator that uses a diesel compression-ignition engine to run on diesel fuel. The diesel engine drives the generator to run, converting the diesel energy into electrical energy. This generator is a backup power source, primarily used during a power outage or in places where grid infrastructure is unavailable, such as India. It can automatically start and provide electricity during power outages.

We have various diesel generators, including 10-300kw, reliable and efficient power sources that use diesel fuel to generate electricity, suitable for applications with different needs.

Parameters of diesel generator

Unit TypeRated Power
Rated Power
Standby Power
Standby Power
Number of CylinderCylinder Diameter
Unit Size

Features of diesel generator

  1. Fuel Efficiency: It can produce more power with a given fuel volume than other types of generators.
  2. Durability and Longevity: This generator can help ensure its optimal performance and longevity with regular maintenance, such as oil and filter changes.
  3. Reliability: This generator can operate for long hours and are often used in continuous power applications. And it can start and provide power quickly in case of a power outage.
  4. Voltage Stability: Stable voltage and frequency ensure that the connected devices and appliances operate smoothly.
  5. Safety: It has safety features to protect against potential hazards, such as automatic shutdown in case of low oil pressure or high engine temperature. Diesel is less flammable than gasoline, making diesel generators a safer option regarding fire risks.
  6. Versatility: This generator can be used in various applications, including residential, industrial, and construction sites.
  7. Cooling Systems: This type of generators have efficient cooling systems, ensuring they don’t overheat during prolonged operations.
  8. Control Panels: This type generator has an advanced control panel that allows users to monitor various parameters, including voltage, frequency, and overall performance.control panel
  9. Cost: While diesel is generally more expensive than gasoline, diesel engines are more efficient, which can result in lower costs over the long term.

Diesel generator working principle

Here is a breakdown of the working principle :

  1. Combustion of Diesel: The diesel engine operates on the principle of internal combustion. This combustion process releases energy.
  2. Conversion of Chemical Energy to Mechanical Energy: The high-temperature and high-pressure gas generated after diesel combustion drives the linear motion of the piston in the cylinder and converts it into rotational motion through the crankshaft. This rotational motion is the mechanical energy produced by the diesel engine.
  3. Conversion of Mechanical Energy to Electrical Energy: The rotational motion of the engine’s crankshaft is transferred to the alternator. Inside the alternator, there’s a rotor that rotates within a stator. As the rotor spins, it creates a rotating magnetic field. This rotating magnetic field induces a current flow in the stator windings due to electromagnetic induction, producing electrical energy.
  4. Voltage Regulation: A voltage regulator ensures that the generator’s output voltage remains stable and consistent within the desired limits, regardless of variations in the engine’s speed or load on the generator.
  5. Distribution of Electrical Energy: Once the electrical energy is generated and regulated, it’s distributed through electrical circuits to power various devices and appliances.

In essence, the diesel generator uses diesel fuel to produce mechanical energy in an engine, which is then converted into electrical energy by an alternator. The principles of internal combustion and electromagnetic induction govern the entire process.

Diesel generator price

The diesel generator price is USD 1000-10000.
The generator price can vary depending on factors such as power output, fuel consumption, and other features. It’s recommended to contact us to get the most accurate and up-to-date prices.

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