Elephant Trunk Take-Up Machine

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Drum Diameter: 550mm
Take-Up Motor Power: 15KW-6 motor
Transmission Form: C-type belt transmission
Accumulated Wire Weight: About 500kg
Braking Method: Brake braking and motor braking
Wire Inlet Direction & Paint Surface: customization

Product Details

What is elephant trunk take-up machine?

The elephant trunk take-up machine adopts a rotating disc to efficiently take up wires directly after the wire drawing process without affecting the wire quality, preparing it for nail production. The elephant trunk wire coiling machine has high wire take-up speed, slight vibration, good braking effect, and easy use. It can bundle the drawn wire at will, such as 100, 300, and 500 kg.

The elephant trunk automatic wire take up machine is suitable for use with various wire drawing machines, such as straight line wire drawing machines, water tank wire drawing machines, and pulley type wire drawing machines. It can collect wire continuously without stopping production, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the wire drawing process and minimizing wire waste.

elephant trunk wire take up machine

Elephant trunk type wire take-up machine parameter

  • Take-Up Motor Power: 15KW-6 motor, 15KW inverter selected from Shenzhen/Sine (domestic high-quality brand)
  • Take-Up Diameter/Drum Diameter: Use a 550-type reel take-up can—carbide treatment on the drum surface.
  • Transmission Form: C-type belt transmission adopted has the advantages of no noise, high transmission efficiency, strong overload capacity, and easy maintenance.
  • Accumulated Wire Weight: It is about 500kg.
  • Braking Method: Adopt Brake braking and motor braking. Braking is synchronized with the main wire drawing machine. It can also be started and stopped separately.
  • Machine Highlights:
  1. The take-up machine uses a tension system to synchronize the take-up speed automatically. It is linked to the CNC vertical straight wire drawing machine touch screen human-machine interface, making it easy to start and stop with one key.
  2. The wire and cable troughs designed on the machine do not require digging cable trenches during installation.
  3. The take-up machine is equipped with a control panel, and the belt transmission parts and the take-up I-wheel plate are equipped with protective covers to ensure personnel safety.
  4. The entire machine is fully enclosed, which is very environmentally friendly, safe, beautiful, and easy to operate.
  • Wire Inlet Direction: Set the direction of the machine according to your company’s requirements
  • Paint Surface: The paint color can be customized according to user requirements. The surface is smooth, bright, wear-resistant, and has good fastness.

Note: Mechanical speed ratio and drum diameter can be customized based on your needs.

Elephant trunk type wire take up machine working principle

The elephant trunk wire spooling and reeling machine wraps around the non-rotating drum through the hollow shaft and the guide wheel on the turntable, and then the steel wire slides from the trunk frame to the wire pay-off by relying on its weight.

Elephant trunk take up machine price

The elephant trunk wire take-up machine price is USD 4000-5000. Different models have different price. Contact us for your certain quotation.

Company Introduction:

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