Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

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Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

Model: LZ10/600 (560)
Draw Time: 10 times
Speed: 720 m/min
Inlet Diameter: Φ6.5-Φ5.5 mm
Outline Diameter: Φ2.0-Φ1.0 mm
Tensile Strength: ≤1200 Mpa
Single Motor Power 22-37 Kw

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What is straight line wire drawing machine?

The Straight-line wire drawing machine is appropriate for processing high, medium, or low carbon steel wires, stainless steel wires, bead wire, steel cord, shielded flux cored wire, steel cutting wheel, copper wire and aluminum welding wire, etc. Generally, straight-line drawing equipment is composed of reel, motor, gearbox (optional), belt, mold box, and control system. It boasts a fully-automatic and highly-efficient metal wire manufacturing process.

The straight-line wire drawing machine designed and produced by Uniwin has an internationally advanced technical index and performance. Machines adopt many inventive and utility model patents in hardening and cooling technology for capstans. Machines are equipped with speed and stress sensors, which can achieve multi-item signal sampling to expand the function of intelligent detection of wire drawing machine.

Technical Parameter

ModelLZ10/600 (560)
Capstan Diameter Model600 (560)mm
Draw Time10 times
Inlet DiameterΦ6.5-Φ5.5 mm
Outline DiameterΦ2.0-Φ1.0 mm
Speed720 m/min
Tensile Strength≤1200 Mpa
Total Compressibility90.53%
Average Compressibility21%
Single Motor Power22-37 Kw

The straight line wire drawing machines feature:

  1. The machine has a high degree of automation and easy operation. Due to the gentler handling of the wire during the drawing process (less wire deflection, lower torque, etc.) and optimized wire cooling, it can produce high-quality drawn wire. And it is more productive than common wire drawing machine due to higher drawing speed, twist-free operation and better cooling, which has the production speed of 1.5 tons/h.
  2. Straight line wire drawing equipment is adopted AC variable-frequency control technology (or DC programmable control system).
  3. Capstan is adopted narrow slit water cooling. Drawing dies adopt direct water cooling, which can effectively cool the wire.
  4. The machine uses a first grade strong narrow V belt and a hardened reducer to transmit, which has high transmission efficiency and low noise.
  5. The machine uses a fully enclosed protection system with good security and working environment.
  6. The machine supports any mold fitting technology. The abraded mold is compensated automatically through tuning, which can prevent breaking wire. Besides, the machine is equipped with a wire jumper device that can skip the capstan randomly to draw, which can adapt to different technology.

Working principle of the straight-line wire drawing machinethe straight-line wire drawing machine

The straight line wire drawing machine is a commonly used metal processing equipment, mainly by drawing metal wires to reduce the diameter and extend the length to obtain the required wire material. The working principle of the straight line wire drawing machine is mainly divided into the following steps.

First, the wire tip is fixed on the pneumatic pay-off stand. Then the wire is dragged to reach the position of the sharpening mill and evenly rotated and rolled until it can pass through the first drawing die;

Second, the wire is removed by the descaling machine to remove the oxide layer of the wire; Third, the wire is drawn through multiple drawing dies and drums. In the wire drawing process, in order to effectively cool the wire drawing die and the drawing drum, we have added both air and water cooling for the machine.

Fourth, after passing through the last wire drawing drum, the wire is introduced into the elephant trunk take-up machine through the tension sensor;

Finally, the drawn wire is collected by the automatic discharging machine and place it directly on a wire reel.

Accessory equipments

  1. Butt welding machine. The butt welding machine ensures the continuous operation of the straight line wire drawing machine. If the wire breaks during the wire drawing process, we must use the butt welding machine to weld the two ends back together.
  2. Sharpening mill. The sharpening mill is to grind the raw material steel wire tip finely until it can pass through the first drawing die before passing it into the tungsten carbide wire drawing dies.
  3. Descaling machine. The descaling machine is used to remove the oxide layer of the wire.descaling machine
  4. Elephant trunk take-up machine ( or I-type spool reeling machine ). The machine is to collect the drawing wire and place the wire rod on a wire reel automatically.Elephant trunk take-up machine
  5. Pneumatic pay-off stand. It is designed to pay off one wire or multiple wires to wire drawing and draw the wire in an orderly manner.Pneumatic pay-off stand

The straight-line wire drawing machine application

The straight line wire drawing machine is applied to draw the wire in the factories, such as wire-steel factory, wireless mesh factory, nail making factory, and spring factory, etc.

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