Hydraulic Take-Up Machine

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Motor: 11kw-4 Level
Frequency Converter: 11kw
Wire Take-Up Weight: 800kg-1t
I-Wheel Size: OD*1150mm ID*400mm Width*450mm
Transmission Partp: ZLY-160 Reducer with Hard Tooth Surface

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What is hydraulic take-up machine?

hydraulic wire take-up machine

The hydraulic take-up machine is a metal wire winding and collecting device that does not require disassembly and can collect cold-drawn wire, iron wire, aluminum wire, stainless steel wire, etc. It belongs to the accessory equipment for the wire drawing machine, The wire take-up machine adopts a hydraulic system for automatically shrinking, opening, and closing, facilitating quick unloading after take-up.

Hydraulic take-up machines are an important part of nail production as they handle the collection of the drawn wire before feeding it into the nail making machine. It can be used with straight-line wire drawing machines, pulley wire drawing machines, and combined drum wire drawing machines to save the workforce and improve production efficiency.

Take-up process of hydraulic I-wheel take-up machine

After reaching a certain take-up weight and manual bundling, press the hydraulic device switch and turn the hydraulic switch knob to the left. After completely closing the front baffle, turn the manual air pressure valve to push the trolley out. Then turn the hydraulic switch knob to the right to open the front baffle. Finally, fix one end of the wire on the hydraulic take-up machine and turn the I-wheel to arrange the wire again.

Automatic hydraulic take-up machine parameter

ModelHydraulic Take-Up Machine
Motor11kw-4 Level
Frequency Converter11kw
Wire Take-Up Weight800kg-1t
Braking MethodDual Brake Air Pressure Braking
Transmission PartZLY-160 Reducer with Hard Tooth Surface
I-Wheel SizeOD: 1150mm ID: 400mm Width: 450mm

Rack Construction

The host frame of the hydraulic take-up machine is welded with 100*100mm square tubes, the I-wheel steel plate is 18mm thick, the trolley steel plate is 16mm thick, and a 1000mm cylinder is used to feed and push out the wire coil.

Hydraulic wire take up machine composition

hydraulic I-wheel take-up machine

The hydraulic take-up machine consists of a base, an automatic wire arrangement device, a transmission system, a hydraulic expansion and contraction I-wheel, a loading and unloading trolley, etc. The take-up winding motor and frequency converter comprehensively control automatic constant tension. The braking method is double brake air pressure braking.

Features and benefits of hydraulic wire take up machine

  1. The hydraulic take-up machine can operate independently or be linked with the entire production line for coordinated operation. The operator can set the winding speed to match the output of the wire drawing machines, optimizing the workflow and reducing the need for manual intervention.
  2. Wire winding utilizes a ball screw stepper motor or a 50-position wire arranger for precise wire coiling. The automation capabilities and fast winding speeds significantly increase production efficiency.
  3. The hydraulic drive system provides smooth and consistent control over the winding process, allowing for fine adjustment of tension and speed. Proper tension is essential to prevent the wire from being too loose or too tight, which can cause deformation or breakage.
  4. Automatic tension control maintains consistent tension on the wire during the take-up process, which prevents wire breakage and ensures uniform coil winding.
  5. Safety shields are in place at critical points such as the belt conveyor and sprocket operation areas. In the event of a malfunction, these shields can be easily removed for maintenance. All wiring is neatly organized within a dedicated cabinet, ensuring safety and reliability.

Working video of straight line wire drawing machine with hydraulic take-up machine


Hydraulic take-up machine price

The automatic hydraulic take-up machine price is USD 3000-5000. You can contact us for detailed machine information and a specific quotation.

Hydraulic I-type wire take up machine factory show

hydraulic take up machine factory

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