Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine

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Model: WT-400
Motor Power: 18.5-30kw
Drawing Speed 13m/s
Max Wire Inlet: 2.3mm
Min Wire Outlet: 0.7mm
Drawing Number: 13
Machine Dimension: 1800*800*1200mm

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What is water tank wire drawing machine?

water tank wire drawing machine

Water tank wire drawing machine, a subset of wet wire drawing machines, is a specialized machinery used in the wire manufacturing industry for drawing metal wire used for chain link fence, binding wire, galvanized wire, etc. It integrates the water cooling cooling system, submerging the wire in the water tank to manage its temperature during the drawing process. This method prevents the temperature of the wire and drawing dies overheating, maintains wire quality, and extends die life. The water tank type wire drawing machine has multiple drawing dies up to 10 drawing dies for gradual diameter reduction to control the wire’s final diameter for customer needs precisely.

The water tank wet wire drawing machine is mainly used for drawing small wire diameters such as 1.2mm, 1.0mm, 0.8mm, 0.7mm, 0.6mm, 0.5mm.

For nail production, the wire material typically includes low or medium-carbon steel, which is chosen for its strength and flexibility. Water tank wire drawing machines are suitable for these materials, ensuring they can be drawn to the required diameter without affecting their structural integrity. The water tank wire drawing machine’s precise control of wire diameter ensures that the wire is always the correct size for the intended nail type, whether for construction, carpentry, or special applications.

Working video of water tank wire drawing machine


Water tank wire drawing machine parameter

Motor Power18.5-30kw45-75kw90-110kw
Drawing Speed13m/s10m/s7m/s
Max Wire Inlet2.3mm4.3mm5.8mm
Min Wire Outlet0.7mm2.0mm2.8mm
Drawing Number13108
Machine Weight1000kg3500kg4500kg
Machine Dimension1800*800*1200mm4000*1500*1800mm4200*1700*1800mm

Note: The drawing speed of the three models can be adjusted through the frequency converter.

Detailed drawing of water tank type wire drawing machine

water tank wire drawing machine spare parts

Water tank model wire drawing machine operational considerations

  • Lubrication: While the water tank provides cooling, it is critical to lubricate the wire before it enters the drawing mold properly. This reduces wear on the dies and the wire surface, improving the machinery’s service life and the wire’s quality.
  • Speed Adjustment: The drawing speed may need to be adjusted based on the gauge of the wire and the desired final product. Lower speeds can ensure higher quality in the finished wire, which is crucial for manufacturing nails that meet specific strength and bending criteria.
  • Die Selection: The dies used in the drawing process must be selected based on the final wire diameter required for nail production. Regular inspection and maintenance of the dies are crucial to prevent defects in the wire that could impact nail quality.

Best water tank wire drawing machine price

The water tank wire drawing machine price is USD 4000-10000. Welcome to contact us for the machine information and your specific quotation.

Wire drawing machine delivery pictures

automatic water tank wet wire drawing machine

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