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Wire Drawing Powder

Wire drawing powder is the essential lubricant during the whole wire drawing process, reducing wear and extending the life of drawing dies, and ensuring the steel wire’s surface quality and a smoother surface.

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What is wire drawing powder?

Wire drawing powder, also called wire drawing lubrication powder, is a crucial lubricant used in the wire drawing process, including all types of wire used in nail-making machinery. Its ingredients usually include calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, stearic acid, animal fats, vegetable fats, paraffin, industrial soap, talcum powder, industrial alkali, etc.

wire drawing lubricant powder

Wire drawing powders can be used with our wire drawing machines, such as common combined drum wire drawing machines, straight line wire drawing machines, pulley wire drawing machines, big reducer wire drawing machines, etc.

Drawing wire is the process of pulling the wire through a series of progressively smaller dies to reduce its diameter. This process generates significant heat and friction, and wire drawing powder is essential to facilitate the drawing process, reduce wear and extend the life of drawing dies. During the drawing process, a lubricating film can also be formed on the steel wire’s surface to ensure the steel wire’s surface quality and get a smoother surface finish, making the drawn wire meet the requirements of metal wire products.

Wire Drawing Powder in Wire Drawing Box

drawing powder in wire drawing box

Features of wire drawing lubricant powder

Wire drawing powder generally has the following characteristics:

  1. It can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of the steel wire and enter the drawing die with the steel wire, effectively separating the steel wire and the drawing die.
  2. Resistant to high pressure and high temperature. Under high pressure and temperature rise generated during drawing, the lubricating film can still maintain its continuity and lubricity without being damaged or agglomerated.
  3. It has good extensibility and lubricity. It can not only be firmly adsorbed on the surface of the steel wire but also extend and deform along the steel wire. The lubricating film has a layered structure, with a strong molecular binding force within each layer and a weak molecular binding force between the layers.
  4. The components of wire drawing powder will not chemically react with the steel wire matrix, generate compounds that affect the performance of the steel wire, corrode the steel wire, and are easy to remove.
  5. It does not pollute the environment, is harmless to the human body, is rich in resources, is low cost, and is easy to preserve.

Generally speaking, wire drawing lubricate powder can significantly reduce the friction between the drawing mold and the wire, help dissipate the heat generated during the drawing process, maintain the integrity of the wire performance, and extend the life of the drawing die. It also minimizes wire scratches and imperfections, resulting in a smoother surface finish on the drawn wire.

Wire drawing powder price

Depending on the drawing process, the oil content of the selected wire drawing powder is also different. Generally speaking, the higher the oil content, the more expensive it is. We provide wire drawing powder and lubricants suitable for various wire drawing machines. You can contact us for specific information and quotation of wire drawing machines and wire drawing powder.

Wire Drawing Lubricating Powder Packaging & Shipping

wire drawing powder delivery pictures

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