water cooling wire drawing machine for nails making

water cooling wire drawing machine

water cooling wire drawing machine

To make nails, it needs steel wire of diameter

cold drawing wire small diameter for making nails

4.5mm, 4.1mm, 3.7mm, 3.4mm, 3.1mm, 2.8mm etc ,however in the market ,the steel wire is usually 6.5mm/6.0mm/5.5 mm ,so it needs a wire drawing machine to reduce the wire diameter so that they can be feed into the nail making machines. by changing different drawing dies ,you can get any diameter you need for making nails .

Now the new type water cooling wire drawing machine is suitable for drawing wire, copper wire and aluminum wire. it is allocation with water cooling system, the system can effectively cool the wire mould, greatly increase the productivity and reduce the production cost. such as through the water cooling system 20tons big diameter steel wire can be drawn to 30tons small diameter wire. for the water cooling wire drawing machine we allocate round speed reducer, it’s impetus is more stronger that it can draw the carbon steel wire between 45# and 65#( these carbon steel wire are common used to make concrete nail). usually 10-15KG gear oil is ok for every frequency convert, no need change new oil in the later process. then Spraying tungsten carbide on the surface of the drum, this spraying not only is anti-rust, but also can increase the machine’s life time. the drum quantity can be customized according to customer’s requirements, and for every drum’s motor we use the china famous brand MengNiu, three drums wire drawing machine output per hour is: around 1 ton from 6.5-4.5 mm, around 300-400 kg from 4.5-3.0 mm .

Wire drawing powder:

wire drawing powder

Wire drawing powder is a lubrication in wire drawing process. it can reduce friction when the wire start to drawing, 1ton wire drawing powder can draw 200-300tons steel wire.

There are the advantages of no pollution to the environment, harmless to human body, rich resources, low cost and easy preservation.

Wire drawing dies dice:

wire drawing die

If you want to reduce the 6.5mm Q195 steel wire to 4.8mm, 4.0mm, 3.5mm etc. you just change the different diameter drawing dice is ok, the operation is very easy, one drawing dies can draw 10-20tons wire.

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